Blublok Cement Manufacturers
The only fully automated cement brick and block plant equipped with indoor curing chambers in the Western Cape offering a superior consistent product.


The previously operational plant has been restored after standing for over 2 years and will be trading as BluBlok Pty (Ltd). The engineer and operator involved in setting up the plant originally, have once again joined the BluBlok team and have been instrumental in getting the plant operational. Trial production commenced mid February 2012.

German Technology

The equipment (Schlosser) was imported from Germany and installed by local Operation & Production Manager (7 years experience) and Engineer (18 years experince) along with local programmers.


Our focus will be on the following products, although the plant is capable of manufacturing various dry and wet cast products i.e. Retainers, Pavers, Kerbstones and Decking blocks.

Maxi's (90x115x220)
90's (90x190x390)
140's (140x190x390)
Interlocking Pavers(100x80x200) & Bond Pavers (100x50x200)
Decking Blocks (190x190x390) & (140x190x390)
Retainer Blocks (432x200x295)
Imperial Stock (105x70x222)
For further enquiries and prices, please contact our office at 021 204 6079
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